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A fire sprinkler is both a blessing as it can save lives, but it can also destroy valuable property. Don’t wait to call a professional water damage company. Chino Hills Water Damage is here to help repair the damage to your apartment building, corporate office, hotel or commercial property.  Most damage can be repaired within 48 hours if you call Chino Hills Water Damage professionals today.

Main causes of unintentional fire sprinklers activation:
• Overheating
• Mechanical damage
• Corrosion of device
• Manufacturing defect or installation error

Our experienced technicians know how to handle such situations, minimize the existing damage and isolating the area before the disaster spreads.  We are recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers as the fastest and most professional service in the Chino Hills area. We will check for hidden water spots, make sure drywall and ceilings are unaffected and, if they are, we will remove the damaged material.  We are very much aware that besides your assets, the most important thing is the health of your family and your loved ones and we will do everything to eliminate any potential pathogenic risks from your area.

Don’t fix water damage alone;!  Call our experts at Chino Hills Water Damage for a reliable partner when you need it most.  Find us at (909) 539-4024 and let us handle your fire sprinkler water damage one and for all!

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