When your house is on fire, the last thing you will be thinking about is how to restore it. However, once you and everyone in your family is safe and the fire has been extinguished, you need to start thinking about calling an expert to handle the damages.

Fire damage is a serious concern. The walls and ceiling of your house are charred. The insulation of the wiring in your house has probably been damaged. Chances are that the plumbing work in your house is also ruined. So it is not the kind of restoration you can execute on your own. The affected property needs to be assessed systematically to design the remake of your house. At Chino Hill Fire Damage, we provide expert solutions and work with full dedication to return your house to normal living condition.

The primary features of our service are:

● Qualified technicians certified by IICRC
● 24/7 customer support center
● Services in collaboration with insurance companies
● Environment friendly smoke remediation techniques
● The use of modern machineries

Smoke Removal:
Smoke removal is a complex process. The soot produced in a house fire is greasy in nature and it will smudge even further if you try cleaning it with regular products. You can buy triphosphate sodium cleaners from the market to remove soot and black stain from walls, floors and ceiling. It is advisable to wear gloves as triphosphate sodium is a harsh compound.

Getting Rid of Smoke Odor:
Smoke odor is unpleasant and nauseating. It is not easy to get rid of it completely even after smoke and fire damage restorations. However, some home remediation techniques have been proved to be very helpful in removing the odor.

● Fresh Air: Keep windows and doors open as nothing works better than ventilation to force out the foul-smelling odor.

● Vinegar: Clean your furniture with synthetic white vinegar. You can also add a little vinegar while washing clothes and other fabrics. Placing vinegar in a bowl with a drop of lavender essence will help remove smoke odor in the air.

● Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is another word used for its powdered form. Place it in your room in an open container and it will absorb the smoke odor in your room.

● Febreze: The chemical name for the compound is cyclodextrin and it is used in the form of a spray.

● Baking Soda: Baking soda is the oldest and most effective solution for odor absorption. Sprinkle it generously over furniture. You can also leave baking soda in small bowls around the room for a few days so it gradually absorbs smoke odor.

These hacks will only work if the majority of carbon cleanup has been done professionally. They will ideally work to remove the residual smell which doesn’t evaporate even after the fire damage cleanup has been done.

Chino Hill Smoke Damage Repair makes sure that our clients are satisfied with the company’s work. The fire damage experts of our company provide efficient smoke remediation solutions for safe restoration of your property.

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